Effects of taking White Borneo Kratom

White Borneo strain is among the popular strains of kratom today. It provides boost effects which enable users become more productive and focuses than others. It’s a variety of “Mitragyna Speciosa.” Users of white Borneo also state that it offers motivation, endurance and better concentration. Its functioning is similar to the way coffee functions. The reason behind this is the effects it brings up which include wakefulness, increased functioning mentally and also alertness. Although white borneo leads to energized feeling, the intake does not yield restlessness or anxiety.

Positive impact of white borneo kratom

To start with, this strain of kratom is best for persons seeking more energy so as to deal with daily activities. Just like some people quote that its hard for them to start off a day without coffee, so is white borneo. If looking for instant energizing agent, this is the best kratom strain to go for. Its especially used by individuals or professionals in need of constant concentration, strength and energy flow.

Other benefits attached to its use include:

  • More drive and motivation
  • Achieved euphoria feeling
  • Ability to clearly think and come up with solution
  • Increased cognitive function and mental function
  • Increased physical capacity and energy
  • Increased attention and focus to details

Side effects of white borneo kratom

Taking white borneo is not attached to any serious negative effect. The only effects are the coffee related ones which include sleeping problem and jitters. The limiting feature which is recorded about white borneo is its low capacity to act on relieving pain an effect offered by most kratom strains.

However, using more than what the body is used to exposes you to chances of side effects which depend on weight of your body, sensitivity and body constitution. Some effects however come adversely such that they can make you lose body balance. Wobbles is very common with gold bali use which leads to difficulty of seeing.

Dosage for white borneo

The correct dosage is dependent on the purpose for which you are taking the herb. Also, different people accommodate different dosages depending on the tolerance of the person, weight among other factors. Below is a general guide which you can use as per the purpose:

Increased focus and energy: you should take 3grams to 6 grams daily. After intake, be keen to know the results and its from there you determine the right dosage for your body. Incase you might need more, add powder from kratom to it.

Relaxation and stress: for a more relaxing effect, take between 7 grams and 9 grams daily.

For relief from pain: although not as effective for this effect, intake of it gives you a stimulating effect. For such use, take the white borne at very higher dosages but be sure it wont work like painkillers do.